Sunday, February 19, 2012


This weekend was such a wonderful time of renewal and relaxing. Steve's (my husband, and the man I call Darlin') sister (and least that is what we call each other!), Janice,  came to visit from San Antonio. It has been a while since she has come to see us and we really loved having her.
One thing Janice and I have to do when we get together is shop til we drop and eat mexican food in between stores (not necessarily in that order). I made sure we were able to check both of those items off our "To Do" list. We ate at Coronas's here in town and piddled around in some gift shops. Then I took her to one of my favorite stops, a store called Violet's. It is a trendy place, geared mainly for the younger crowd. However, I can always find some things I like and the prices are very inexpensive! Besides, I'm not ready for the double knit and the orthopedic shoes yet!!

Yesterday, we enjoyed getting facials at the Woodhouse Day Spa. What a treat!! For a woman, this is close to heaven. I think when Darlin' plays 18 holes of golf on a beautiful sunny day, it must compare to a spa day for me.

Darlin's  college roommate and his wife came by today. They live in San Antonio also.  We had fun remembering and sharing the news of our families. The four of us have spent many sweet moments together.  Today, we had lunch at The Gin and sat out on the patio to enjoy Nolan creek and some Texas sunshine.  It was so renewing to be able to laugh and reflect on the separate, yet similar journeys we each have taken. As they were heading for I-35, we agreed through hugs, we needed to get together more often to celebrate the strong ties of a treasured friendship.

And so here I am, staring at Monday morning with a smile on my face. My heart, my spirit, and even my face, have been wonderfully renewed and I am ready to tackle the week.

Hello, Monday......:)

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