Good Stuff I Love.....

Body Shop Body Butter
If your skin is dry, you will lo-o-o-ve  Body Shop Body Butters!  This body butter is made with all natural and environment-friendly ingredients. I especially love lathering up with this jewel after my bath. It is scrumdidlyumptious!! Your skin begins to sing, "I Just Want to Celebrate...."! My favorite butters are: Olive, Mango, and Coconut. The texture is so luxurious and my dry skin soaks it up immediately. The smells are not so overwhelming you can still smell your favorite fragrance easily. You may order tubs of butter from their website: The Body Shop, or look for a Body Shop in your local mall.

Stride Gum
Gum chewing is one of my favorite stress relievers. I am also very picky about the kind of gum I chew. Recently, I discovered a new crush for Stride gum. There are a couple of flavors that have vitamins B6-B12 in the gum:  Kinetic Fruit and Kinetic Mint. This gum does not lose its flavor for a long time, and the B6-B12 only enhances the allure. I share my gum frequently while sitting in boring meetings to rave reviews. I couldn't tell you if its because they love the gum, or appreciate the distraction. Anyway, I can tell you either one of these flavors are worth a try.

Bath and Body Works--Aromatic Plug Ins
I don't know about you, but I loove to walk into a room and get just a hint of an inviting scent. So, I have fallen in love with these plug ins at Bath and Body Works. They now come in seasonal decorative plugs, and the scents are heavenly. For Fall, I enjoy anything with nutmeg, or spice. My favorite is Nutmeg Vanilla. Christmas is when I like a hint of cinnamon and cloves. This year for Christmas, I tried the Marshmallow Fireplace and it was perfect. With Spring around the corner, I'm sure I will be heading to Bath and Body Works to see what's new. Come join me!

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