Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Lone Rangerette on the DustyTrail...

Lots of good "think time" driving to and from work....I drive a two lane farm to market road where the "deer and the antelope play"...

Sometimes I get the feeling like I'm the Lone Rangerette on the Trail....

What does a Lone Rangerette do on the Lonely Trail, one might ask??

Well, today, I counted four dead skunks, and 2 deer carcasses....Just so you know....I  totally feel one with nature.. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mindful Monday

I have wasted more time than I want to admit, focused on a personal or professional failure, rather than letting it go and letting it become a part of my armor. I don't know if it is just a natural process, but somehow, I have internalized the idea that failure is unacceptable. We see it all the time in the paper and on the news. Mistakes by anyone, whether it be public figures, or our next door neighbors are simply not tolerated.
The paradox is this....when I look at people I admire and aspire to emulate....from the Bible to everyday heroes all around me, I overlook the notion that they all have failed: some of them, MORE than they have succeeded! I wonder why it is I struggle so with my imperfection? Could it be I feel unworthy to accept the Grace that is quietly waiting for me? Really, when you think about it, the only people who don't make mistakes are in the grave!
There are many approaches to the failures in our lives, but the people I know who are successful, have used their failures to work for them.  They have turned those failures into a  part of their armor and it has only made them more determined to overcome and succeed. Failure truly IS only an event and today is a NEW day. The next time I experience even the smallest failure... I will take a deep breath...accept my frailties,  and maybe laugh about them when the pain and disappointment subside. That is when I am empowered to get up, brush myself off, start my day with the armor of Love, Acceptance, and Grace.  Now that's better than a V-8!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


This weekend was such a wonderful time of renewal and relaxing. Steve's (my husband, and the man I call Darlin') sister (and mine....at least that is what we call each other!), Janice,  came to visit from San Antonio. It has been a while since she has come to see us and we really loved having her.
One thing Janice and I have to do when we get together is shop til we drop and eat mexican food in between stores (not necessarily in that order). I made sure we were able to check both of those items off our "To Do" list. We ate at Coronas's here in town and piddled around in some gift shops. Then I took her to one of my favorite stops, a store called Violet's. It is a trendy place, geared mainly for the younger crowd. However, I can always find some things I like and the prices are very inexpensive! Besides, I'm not ready for the double knit and the orthopedic shoes yet!!

Yesterday, we enjoyed getting facials at the Woodhouse Day Spa. What a treat!! For a woman, this is close to heaven. I think when Darlin' plays 18 holes of golf on a beautiful sunny day, it must compare to a spa day for me.

Darlin's  college roommate and his wife came by today. They live in San Antonio also.  We had fun remembering and sharing the news of our families. The four of us have spent many sweet moments together.  Today, we had lunch at The Gin and sat out on the patio to enjoy Nolan creek and some Texas sunshine.  It was so renewing to be able to laugh and reflect on the separate, yet similar journeys we each have taken. As they were heading for I-35, we agreed through hugs, we needed to get together more often to celebrate the strong ties of a treasured friendship.

And so here I am, staring at Monday morning with a smile on my face. My heart, my spirit, and even my face, have been wonderfully renewed and I am ready to tackle the week.

Hello, Monday......:)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Happy Valentine's, Y'all.....

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. I'm such a romantic, and I love to tell those I truly love how very much I love them. Enough Love in the House for ya'?
Here are some reasons this Valentine's is especially warm and fuzzy:

1. I awoke after the BF/Hubby had gone to work. He left the coffee pot already prepared and ready to brew for me, along with a sweet Valentine card and gift.

2. I went to work and was blown away by the "sweetness" in the air! These kids know how to show the love to their Sweeties!!

3. My friend, Anna Jenkins, helped design and set up this new blog! Happy Valentine's Day, and thanks so much!!

4. And at the end of the day, I glance over at the LOML, feelin' the love and sigh as a slow smile creeps across my face. Man! He's still got it!!

 5. So, I feed him one of his favorite desserts....

             Peach Icebox Pie!!

And for the rest of the evening? Well, we'll just play it by ear......

Playin It by Ear is a Way of Life

Not too long ago, I told my younger brother if I ever owned a production company, It would be called, Playin’ It By Ear. I grew up in a home with 3 brothers, a Baptist preacher for a dad, and a mom that collected  (loved on… ministered to) all kinds of people. Our home was a bustling, loud, hub of activity, and laughter. We were surrounded by the unexpected. Unexpected guests, unexpected family dilemmas, unexpected church situations.When this would occur, my mom would always  look at us, smile and say, “Well, we’ll just have to play it by ear.”   What a powerful influence this philosophy had on us as we grew into adults. To me, this simple phrase has remained refreshing in a world defined by schedules, time lines, and agendas. Having the ability to laugh when things go awry and rest in listening to your gut has brought an added dimension to everyday living. When many people are fretting when things don’t go according to plan, we learned to become problem solvers, flexible, and comfortable living with what is. So, now you know the reason for my blog title. I hope it will continue to be a reminder how little we actually have control over. The unexpected becomes something not to be avoided, but embraced with a chuckle and a curiosity not present in days run by calendars and alarms. So, come join me on this journey as we Play it By Ear. Look for  the unexpected, laugh spontaneously when it happens, and see how Playing It By Ear becomes a wonderful way of life.