Monday, August 20, 2012

My Personal World....Of Word Games

If you don't know me, it is important to tell you something very personal and intimate about my private life. I have a passion that is more than a hobby, more than a career, and because of my deep love for this entity, it involves almost every aspect of my life.
 Here it is: WORDS, WORDS, WORDS....I am passionately  immersed in the World of Words from every aspect.

I love to write Words, read Words, think about Words, sing Words, correct Words, wisely choose Words (well, not always), and play with Words. By "playing", I mean, mention any kind of Word Game---and I am so in! 

Lucky for me, the iPad has plenty to offer in the way of games to a Wordaholic like me and this summer was a Word Lover's Playground. Thought I would share some of my favorites with you, cause by the looks of the numbers buying these word game apps, I am not alone in my not so secret love for Word Games.

                             WORDS WITH FRIENDS

The first word game on my iPad was love at first sight. It is called Words With Friends. I cannot tell you the number of nights I have stayed up and played this game! You do have to play it with someone else, but the game is not timed, so you are able to play when you have a few minutes to plan your word strategy and then, wait for your opponent to respond. Games can take anywhere from a day to several weeks depending on how diligent you and your partner are about it. You also can have several games going simultaneously.  I love the fact it is not timed and I don't have to feel guilty about making my opponent wait for me because they may be busy as well. I also love the challenge of playing "old school Scrabble" in a new format. The game is quite challenging and very enjoyable.You can download the WWF app on your iPhone, iPad, and most any other smart phone or device. This way, the game goes with you wherever you may roam...:)
 WWFs has been around a while and, although I still enjoy playing it with my friends...I have lost some of the initial thrill I had when I first began this "new world" Scrabble game. However, it still delights me when playing others who take their "word challenges" seriously.

                            W.O.R.D. W.E.L.D.E.R.

Word Welder became my next sleep deprived obsession. To me, this game has more layers to uncover than WWF. The object is to move letters to form words. As the words are formed, those letters are removed and the entire board slides down....forming new words or not. It gets tricky because you are only given so many "swaps" to form a certain number of words for each level, while a certain number of words are required in order to go on. There are brick letters that can't be swapped, and in advanced levels, letters that are frozen, blocking words from being formed around them. This game can be played with someone else or just by yourself. I choose playing by it my "alone" time! WW is very very challenging and super fun to play. I highly recommend checking it out. 

                                WHIRLY WORD

This summer, a friend suggested a new word game. Of course, I am always open to new word challenges so I jumped at the chance to try something new. This game is called Whirly Word. I know... I don't know who makes these names up! Anyway, don't hold the name against the game....go head and try it anyway! Whirly Word is a very fun and delightful word challenge. You can play this game by yourself, but sometimes I have to ask others to help me find the word! It is almost like a word search. You have a word wheel with 6 letters in random order. Your challenge is to make words from the letters on the wheel. If you get stuck, you spin the wheel to see if the new random order gives you more clues. The answers are in alphabetical order (which is a nice hint) and the number of letters in each word are listed. The challenge in Whirly Word is your ability to find every word on each board. If you get stuck, you can go ahead to the next board, but you do lose points for each blank word left on the board. Go ahead and give this game a Whirl (Ha...couldn't resist!)

                           SKY WORDS

Sky Words is a lot like Scrabble, but with a twist. You increase your points by stacking letters on top of each other to make new words. So far, I have found this a challenge and I'm not really proficient yet. It takes a minute to get the hang of this, but so far, I have found it fun to try...:)
I'm thinking this could be a game for traveling on a plane for sure! You can play with opponents online or find local challengers. Of course, I still like to only play by myself. But, who knows? I may be ready to take some new challengers on in the future!


I have just recently found this game and am still learning my way around it. The object is to make words with letters that are connected on the board. Once again, you have the option to play online with other opponents or just play alone. It is also untimed. The only thing I do not like about it is the constant updates on my score popping up along with the invitation to play online. I had to keep closing the windows to get back to the game.

So, welcome to my World of Word Games. Hope you too find time to enjoy reading, writing, and playing with words in this wonderful World of Words as well! 

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