Monday, April 16, 2012

I love Reality....

True confession.....I am an American Idol junkie! I know it's pitiful to look forward to Wednesday night each week and religiously watch a silly TV show, but I do. After leaving work, I run by the grocery store, pick up a rotisserie turkey breast, make a fresh salad (yes, every Wednesday!), and wait for American Idol to come on. I am fortunate that Darlin shares my love for this show, so the battle for the remote is a moot (not mute) point...Ha Ha

We settle into our designated comfy chairs and watch with interest as our favorites live and die by the public vote. There are many reasons I so enjoy this show.

1. These hopeful contestants remind me that everyone has a dream and what pure joy it is to watch these young artists courageously open their mouths and sing for their lives....(while the American public validates them...or not). Wow!

2. I love the judges!! It is amazing how often they articulate many times just what I am thinking....(and am not even aware until they speak)! Jennifer is gorgeous. I love seeing what she wears and  listening to how encouraging she is..  I think most...OK...ALL women over 40 have a crush on Steven Tyler, and Randy is the Papa of the group....the glue holding the show together. You never know what Steven is going to say next..."The rooster crows, but the hen brings home the goods." Really?
And then there is Ryan Seacrest...a phenom in his own right. His smooth tact and perfect timing bring an added dimension to AI other music reality shows can only wish for....
 The chemistry between all of the major players is fun to watch....then throw in the dynamic of the contestants' personalities and you have a hit show.

3. American Idol is a great snapshot of how Music is such a powerful vehicle for every emotion possible. The melodies sing to all of us....notes of joy, sadness, drama, and introspection..... Melodies giving healing, or a smile to my spirit.  Back to AI...Many times I am even moved to tears because of a performance from one of the contestants on American Idol...Sometimes it is their  personal story woven into their particular song that moves me.....and for a split is magic! 

4. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that American Idol allows me to feel as though I am an expert in music production...a vocal couch coach, if you will. I have opinions about each segment, and I know without a doubt who should be kicked off....offered a contract...have an image overhaul, send their mother home, etc., etc. And if you don't believe it, just ask...:)

Well now the world knows what an exciting time Darlin and I enjoy on Wednesday nights....Of course, we also watch the results show on Thursday. AND I do have a panel of friends who keep the phone keys hot, texting after each performance! Wish there was a paying job for all this activity!! I might give up my day job...:)

I'll save my other obsessions for another post....Anybody watch Fashion Star??...:)

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